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Do not do this at home!!

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Recently I was heping my sister move. while we were packing boxes i ran across a pepper spray that I had given her about 2 years ago. There was nobody in the room but me, so I decided to test the pepper spray to see if it still worked. I sprayed it for about a second. With in 30 seconds I started coughing and my eyes were watering. Sortly after that she and the dogs came into the room. She started coughing and wheezing as did the 2 dogs. She looked a me and said, “what did you do?” Well after I told her, and she got over her initial angry reaction, we were both able to laugh about it in between the coughing and wheezing. Moral of the story: Don’t spray pepper spray into an enclosed space, if you need to test it…. go outside (and don’t stand with the wind in your face)