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Runt Stun Gun

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Hi everyone, 2 years ago I sold one of the 3.5million volt Runt stun guns to a freind of mine.  He bought it for his daughter because he was concerned for her saftey, she worked downtown and when the time changed she would have to walk to the bus stop after work in the dark.  I just saw him last week and he told me that she had to use the stun gun last year.  As she was walking to the bus a man started following her, as he got closer she pulled out the stun gun and turned it on.  He came at her and she turned and pulled the trigger!  He went right down and she ran to the bus, as she turned she saw him still laying on the ground, he didn’t know what hit him!

This is exactly why I got into this business in 2004.  I really hate that she had to use that stun gun but I felt so good about the fact that she survived and did not become a victim..