Ideas On How To Defend Oneself Against A Canine Attack

April 20th, 2013

In the event you come across a hostile dog while walking on the street running away is a definite no-no. Canines can be extremely dangerous. Without protection you might wind up in the emergency room.

Rather than running away you have to stay relaxed to be able to avoid aggravating the animal further. An effective deterrent to have along with you is dog spray that will securely shoo the mutt away.

A dog pepper spray is just like regular pepper spray although it is instead developed especially for canines. It means that these types of sprays should not be used on humans vice versa. One spray will cause a burning pain in the skin as well as eyes of the dog that will prompt it to stay away.

Dog spray is an effective safe and humane defense throughout any dog incidents. Since it is non-lethal it will reduce the likelihood of death in the dogs that attacked. Because pepper spray effects are just momentary the canines can recover easily and rejoin their population.

At the same time this spray will lessen the likelihood of fatality in humans that were assaulted by canines. It is because a dog defense spray is meant to make the dog run away instead of be involved in confrontation.

The Mace Muzzle canine dog repellent is an excellent example of a dog spray which can continue to keep you protected from dog-related harm. It comes in a 17-gram canister that can spray from 8 to 10 feet away.

Safeguarding yourself from a canine attack does not need to require harming the canine. You can find safe alternatives available out there. These kinds of dog pepper sprays will make certain that you and the dog can be free from danger.

Dog attacks are really common and the consequences can be very serious. If you normally enjoy walking or jogging or in the event that your job involves something like delivering mail throughout the neighborhood then it is best for you to acquire your own dog spray for protection.

How You Can Always Keep Office Space Protected Constantly

April 19th, 2013

A week ago somebody broke into my office and got a hold of some important possessions that I value a lot. I was pretty upset and could not believe that any person would want to rob an office space. I knew then that I had to do something about it from that point onwards.

I made a decision to check out available alarm security systems that I could install. With a security system in place I felt certain that I would be able to prevent robbers from entering my office once again.

As I shopped around I found an auto dialer with security alarm that caught my attention. Having a device like it was perfect since I wasnt at the office constantly. Its a unique passive infrared system which whenever armed keeps track of movement inside the selected area.

Essentially the phone numbers that you pick need to be programmed into the gadget. In this way whenever activity is found it will sound a 105 dB security alarm and could also contact up to five pre-programmed numbers on the list to inform you of any activity.

This particular automatic dialer can also be utilized in chime mode just like the kinds used in shops. The chime is going to sound when movement is detected. It was quite simple to set up by connecting the AC adaptor to the phone line but it only has a tone dialing function.

The auto dialer with safety alarm features a motion sensor which activates the dialer itself the moment it registers movement a 14-digit large number screen with date/time programmable security code entry delay timing slots for 5 emergency phone numbers pause key panic key program key low battery indicator alarm/door chime switch as well as AC adaptor.

Auto dialers are useful for protecting a house or an office. These are perfect for scaring off burglars and for being notified of any activity in your property.

By checking out various alarm security systems I was able to discover the perfect gadget to keep my office safe. With this anybody who attempts to burglarize my workplace once again will be in for a surprise.

Tips On Keeping A Possible Threat From Getting Hostile

April 18th, 2013

While I absolutely love my job being a psychiatric nurse theres danger to my own safety. A patient that must have depended on me the most showed up at my house one time in the wee hours to say she truly badly wanted something with which to calm her nerves.

The thing was I lived on my own. The other thing was a handful of professional throwing stars happened to be strewn on the coffee table at that time. I thanked God I had personal protection at my immediate reach which was unnoticeable enough to not pressure this woman.

Between work and that I play serious Frisbee ninja stars are one of the strategies I practice my throwing arm. I have the idea that these as well as darts train me throwing moves I will not find out from disks necessarily.

In that morning I put away swiftly the six-point stars and also chess pieces on the table while wishing my unannounced visitor hadnt discovered them nor that I had pocketed a couple of the stars. Excuse the mess I mentioned.

Tegan looked out of it. When I sat away which I did in order to prepare for throwing she stated nothing. All she seemed to want were tranquilizers. I provided her a cup of water as well as OTC medicines for anxiety relief that were risk-free enough.

My metal stars helped me keep it together. I acquire these in sets of sixes. Every single point is 2 inches long and created with professional-edge metal. They are not poison-laced stars used in ninjutsu however they are sharp and also can hurt nonetheless.

When Tegan got up to walk toward me I dreaded Id need to aim a small throwing star at her. Instead she requested for �a sandwich? Yes she was famished and kindly make a turkey sandwich since she stayed away from red meat.

Surprised to no end I sent the female off along with a pouch of cookies and came back to my own room placing a whole case of ninja throwing stars underneath the bed. Boy did those stars help me survive the weirdest night ever.

The Best Way To Fend Off Danger Where Least Expected

April 17th, 2013

Right after a three-year stint as a nurse practitioner within a rural place of India I was returning home to Kentucky. Even though I missed the children already I figured for sure that I would be getting a bit more peace and also quiet once back in the U.S. of A. Not quite.

Throughout my nightlong stopover within good old Louisville some drunk individual made an effort to paw me. It was good that I had met up previously along with a college pal that had greeted me with a pepper gun for a present partly for his very own enjoyment. Who knew it would come in handy?

This pal and also I were exposed to pepper spray in college. This brings no irreversible harm and also is non-lethal. While the receiver pulls through the short-term effects in half an hour you have a chance to hotfoot it and also be saved.

How it works is by starting an acute burning feeling on the skin as well as in the eyes. It also swells the eyes into shutting. Moreover potent pepper sprays clog the air passages and force constant coughing and gagging.

I had not known about pepper guns until that friend provided me with one. These make use of a modern technique of deployment that allows the gun-type device to spray unceasingly in much the same way as aerosols.

Gun pepper sprays could further work while being held upside down. These compromised stances will not be unlikely when you are in the midst of fighting back. Mine utilizes trademarked Bag-in-a-Can technology from Mace to do it.

My self defense spray gun consists of seven blasts which cover 25 feet. It came packaged with a pepper gun dispenser a 28-gram OC cartridge a water test cartridge as well as batteries for the trigger-activated LED light which will enhance visibility and your aim.

Immediately after I introduced the Mace pepper gun to the drunk bar jerk that cornered me in the restroom he cried just like a lady and bothered me no more. I then rang the same college buddy and coerced him into keeping me company until I would have to get out of the city.

The Proper Way Of Keeping Your Property Protected From Burglars

April 16th, 2013

My spouse insists that we shouldnt be guaranteed of our safety despite living in a quiet and peaceful community. For him getting the doors secured securely at night does not mean that we are secure from burglars.

He wished to obtain a gun for our defense however I refused firmly because our children are still young. They might think the gun is a toy and play with it. We wound up considering stun guns for home defense instead.

Stun guns are personal defense devices good at keeping people safe from robbers as well as burglars yet are completely non-lethal. They release an electrical shock on contact with the body making the recipient incapacitated for a short time frame. Thus the victim may run hide and/or find help.

Because I also still worried about our little children messing around with the stun gun and hurting themselves accidentally I convinced my hubby to check out low voltage stun weapons that have a milder stunning effect. Even though they will need several stuns to bring a bad guy down they offer lesser likelihood of significantly harming someone.

After all considerations Stun Masters stun gadgets really stood out to us. They were available in four variants according to size as well as voltage: 4.5 or 6 inches tall with 100000 volts and also 6 or 6.5 inches tall having 300000 volts.

We agreed on this stun gun as it was easy and simple to utilize and also got low voltage. We specifically ordered the one which was 6 inches tall and produced around 300000 volts of electric shock. It was the perfect size for both of our hands.

My hubby trained me how to make use of the stun weapon. In the event that he is not home and something happens Ill be able to frighten the robbers away and call the cops.

Thankfully we have not got the chance to make use of it yet. Nevertheless my partner now still insists that we buy extra stun guns for home defense. I believe that he enjoyed acquiring the first one too much.

How To Defend Your Own Business From Internal Theft

April 15th, 2013

Being a small business operator I have hired individuals with all kinds of character. Although I screen prospective workers there are instances when even a background check cant guarantee the trustworthiness of someone.

I went searching for portable safes soon after I encountered several theft happenings that ended up to have all been perpetrated by a person in my staff. He appeared to have a sixth sense when it came to guessing where I hid my cash since he always found where I stashed them.

I opted for diversion safes which can be relocated around simply because I wanted to outsmart the stealer. These types of safety tools are meant to look like normal things to provide effective disguises. I could stash in them my cash and jewelry without making them appear like obvious hiding places.

So I obtained a brush free toilet bowl cleaner safe to store my extra cash. It went right along with the other items in the stores utility cabinet. Even if I forgot to put it back within the cabinet everybody just ignored it thinking it was a regular cleaning merchandise.

I have also purchased a beer can safe to conceal my keys. One of those keys unlocked the cash register so I wanted to make certain that it was in a safe place and also prevent it from getting misplaced.

Also I have placed a flowerpot safe in one corners of the store. The money which I could no longer deposit for the day was safely saved within it.

The best thing about these secret hiding safes is that they can be transported from one location to another to make them blend perfectly with their environment. They could be put where a cleaning merchandise or a soda can is supposed to end up.

By making use of portable safes I am able to save my valuables from the prying hands of a dishonest personnel. Any two-faced individual that I may hire unfortunately later on will not have such a grand time looking for pillage.

How A Boost In Confidence Can Help Ward Off Bullies

April 14th, 2013

I was harassed at school and having a small body was not a huge help. Several students would normally wait for me outside the campus in order to make fun of embarrass or harass me.

I got a close friend who was a previous victim of bullying. He told me regarding the Rapid Assault Tactics DVD by Paul Vunak. When he began practicing the techniques he said that he became much more confident and standing up to the bullies became a lot easier.

He urged that instructional fighting DVDs would enable me learn self-defense quickly. These could give inexpensive training as I could practice the moves in the house set the sessions based on my own time and learn the techniques together with my younger brother.

I wasnt taught to fight nor did Ive got a strong heavy frame similar to the bullies I dealt with. However as soon as my buddy introduced self-defense videos I realized that fighting back did not truly require any specific skills.

The street-fighting DVD included a much more interactive method which made learning personal defense simpler. It centered on movements which utilized lesser defensive techniques. What I generally needed were three simple tools to become an effective fighter. No more no less.

I surely needed something that wouldnt simply show me the basics but also make me acquire necessary skills in a lesser time frame. And the Vunak video made me learn that putting up a fight was not entirely based on being strong or fast.

My problem with bullies was a continuing problem and I never had the cash to study karate via an expensive session that was supposed to be done a couple of times per week. Neither did I have the luxury of time as I was also a student who was working part-time in our small family business.

By studying rapid assault tactics I discovered that fending off bullies was attainable as was gaining much needed confidence.

How Young People Can Easily Safeguard Themselves Against Possible Danger

April 13th, 2013

My sibling started college when he was thirteen. Yes he is extremely intelligent. And I completely get that my parents time is barely sufficient for continuing to keep Kevins life as balanced as it can be. So Im 17 years old a lady and a professional at taking care of myself for quite a while now.

I have enough street crime and violence prevention thoughts beneath my belt that Im a member of a youth group that actually teaches these types of things. We all focus on instinctive movements instead of contraptions though it is impossible to not talk about safety alarms along the way.

What makes personal alarms special more than most other non deadly weapons for personal protection is that they are perfect for all ages. The inescapable noise will not merely invite awareness of your dilemma but also push your opponent away.

Obviously I tote one around. I need only pull at the metal cord of my dual purpose 120dB alarm for it to make noise. As a burglar alarm this can be hung on the doorknob of any non-metallic door from where it begins wailing the moment the doorknob is touched.

At our youth groups rented office we bar the door using a 115dB door stop alarm in addition to using locks. This is a doorstop which further sounds when tripped. Should any person toy with it its motion detector with adjustable sensitivity would likewise set off the alert.

I offered Kevin a keychain alarm with light just before he began college. After all he is my little sibling no matter what. He digs the mechanism that starts the alarm system affixed to a pin which is affixed to a key chain as soon as the key chain is yanked.

Truth be known I procured this for him because I thought for sure that he would get bullied. Quite the contrary they really like him. It was a rival for the top spot in class that had him switching his security alarm on for looking through his own locker.

And this goes to show that knowledge on campus crime and violence prevention will not suffice. One must be ready for the unexpected the wild card too.

How To Protect Yourself Against Possible Danger If Working Late At Night

April 12th, 2013

To pay the bills I moonlight as a waitress in a modest restaurant in San Diego California. I really like the job. What I do not love is walking home late at night or at dawn right after my shift. I usually get the feeling that someone is at my back and taking a look at my every single move.

A fellow waitress Anne felt the same and said she made use of Mace spray for defense. She informed me to obtain one too in case of an emergency.

In the beginning I was reluctant because I definitely did not know precisely how defense spray worked. All I understood was that they were weapons that gave the attacker a burning experience within the eyes and also on the skin allowing the victim to flee and call for assistance.

The moment Anne informed me that pepper sprays were non-lethal and just caused the target momentary disability rather than permanent damage I was persuaded to obtain one.

After performing some research on pepper sprays I found out that you need to check their capacity range and also weight. Annes Mace pepper spray attractive hard key case model features a glow-in-the dark locking safety cover as well as a key ring. She mentioned it got one-second bursts and sprayed approximately ten feet. It was small and very portable.

Among the numerous types I find tiny defense sprays really hassle-free as they fit perfectly in pockets and these are easy to carry around. One more good thing concerning these kinds of key chain self defense sprays is the fact that because of their size they can be hidden in the would-be victims hand and shock the target. The opponent wont ever know what is about to hit him.

I decided to get the Mace hard case pepper spray also. My own is colored green while Annes is red. Other colors consist of black blue and also purple.

Now I feel pretty confident as I walk home. With my own Mace spray in one hand I am aware I always have the advantage in the event of an emergency.

Handy Devices To Avoid Home Invasion

April 11th, 2013

The house that I purchased was almost ready only I needed the right gizmos in order to keep this secure. I had learned about the latest home invasion nearby the area where my brand new house was and I intended to avert that.

A tennis pal claims that home alarm systems make use of technological advancements in order to keep your place secure from invaders that mean to hurt you or your loved ones. The loud audio is going to catch the attention of the neighbors as soon as your windows and doors have been breached deliberately.

My estate agent recommended a wireless house security system that was cost-effective and also easy to use. The system calls around 5 preprogrammed telephone numbers to tell you of any activity or any opened window or door in your home. This requires tone dialing within your landline.

Once the sensors are triggered an alarm is sounded and a signal is sent to the base unit. The base unit then dials the first telephone number. When someone answers the call he can either listen in on what is happening within the house or disarm the alarm or speak out through the base unit.

If ever the first call was not answered or the alarm wasnt disarmed then the next phone number is going to be contacted. The system contains a door/window sensor which sends approximately 250 feet a base unit (with an AC adaptor) remote control which has a panic button for disarming and also arming and a motion detector which has a range of 8 yards.

A fellow coffee club member shared that he got a wireless home security motion sensor. It could sense movements up to a distance of 8 feet with an angle of 110 degrees.

My sister provided me a wireless home security sensor as a house warming present. This is truly a double sensor that picks up the slightest vibration effectively whenever theres an opened window/door.

I had my sisters gift mounted immediately. Since that time I have felt positive that a home invasion wont be happening in my humble abode in the near future.